Ouma Rodgers

Software Engineer

Data Engineering Enthusiast

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I am a Software Engineer and Data Analyst with experience in banking, insurance, software design and development. My work includes web and mobile software development, data analysis, machine learning, process automation, business strategy and risk analysis. I am a team-player and a fast-learner always trying to learn something new. I also have experience with other tools as below.

Amazon Web Services Bitbucket CSS3 Git Version Control Github Javascript Linux MeteorJS NodeJS Postgresql Typescript Mysql HTML5 Heroku
March, 2019 - Present
Software Engineer, Twiga Foods
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At Twiga, we help bridge the gap between farmers and vendors to fair, trusted, modern markets. We help farmers get fresh produce to the market efficiently and profitably. At Twiga I am part of a team that:

  • - Designs, builds and maintains a micro-service architecture system that powers the Twiga processes.
  • - Provide technical support to users of the products.

Sept, 2018 - Present
Tech Lead, Namespace Africa
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At Namespace we help SMEs and other businesses make sense of their data. We build tools to help these enterprises take charge of their data flow, harvest this data and generate useful insight from it. We have developed and deployed several machine learning and data visualization models to help our clients offer data driven services.

Apr, 2018 - Aug, 2018
CTO, Qalisi
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Qalisi - Aptly described as Africa's largest community of theatrical talent and creative performers, is a startup in Accra, Ghana.The platform provides a video-based casting tool for producers to collaboratively recruit talent at their own convenience.

Aug, 2017 - Aug, 2018
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MEST is a non-profit arm of the global media monitoring and analytics giant - Meltwater Group. Every year MEST brings together top participants from most countries across Africa to their campus located in Accra,Ghana for an intensive 12-month Software Entrepreneurship program.

Oct, 2016 - Aug, 2017
Operations Assistant, CBA
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CBA is one of the leading top-tier banks in Kenya, with offices in 4 african countries. With 60+ yeas of operation behind it, the bank prides itself in providing customers with exceptional financial services that enable them to save, invest and grow their wealth.

Jun - Aug, 2016
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Geminia Insurance is one of Kenya's oldest insurance companies, specializing in general insurance.

Some of my work
Qalisi Web App
Qalisi App


Qalisi Web Platformclose

Netlify Django Django Rest Angular 6 Heroku

Qalisi Website
Qalisi Website


Qalisi Websiteclose

Netlify HTML CSS Javascript

Predictive Analytics


Predictive Analyticsclose

Netlify Flask AWS Lambda Angular Keras Plotly Scikit-learn Pandas Firebase

Tunde Website


Tunde Websiteclose

Netlify HTML CSS Javascript

Spektra Inc
Spektra Website


Spektra Websiteclose

Netlify HTML CSS Javascript

Rodgers Ouma



Netlify HTML CSS Javascript

Predictive Analytics Lab
Analytics Lab



Netlify HTML CSS Javascript MPESA API Flask

Sambaza ERP
Sambaza ERP



Netlify HTML CSS Angular Django Rest Framework Heroku

What people say about me

Rodgers Ouma was a student of mine at the highly selective Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology in Ghana. I was impressed with his passion for excellence, which was demonstrated by the effort that he put into learning the best way to do things. His command for material was highlighted when he and another classmates took over my classroom for two days to teach their peers best practices for managing packages and development environments in Python. I look forward to seeing the great work that he does in the future, wherever he may find himself.

Andrew Berkowitz
- Tech Fellow, MEST(2016-2018)

You can not talk about Rodgers without mentioning his grit and hard work. Rodgers is extremely talented in business and tech. He combines his technical and business expertise to ensure business goals are met. I have seen him work long days and nights to get projects delivered on time. He is very dedicated to everything he puts his hands on. He is also that person in a team who suggests a way of looking at the idea that completely blows you away. Rodgers is a great addition to any team or organization that he works in.

Derrick Mwiti
- Data Scientist, Namespace
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Web & Mobile Development

I build scalable, functional and user-friendly web and mobile applications. I work on backend using Python & Javascript, front-end using Angular, VueJS, HTML, CSS & Javascript

Software Engineering

I approach challenges as engineering problem, break them down, come up with solutions, design and implement these solutions while providing efficiency and practicality.

Data Visualization

I help bridge the gap between machines and humans in terms of data consumption by building rich visualizations and dashboards that present complex and vast amounts of data in a human-friendly way.

Machine Learning

I build robust, automated, data-driven systems that get better over time through self learning. This way I help people and businesses get the most out of their operations, while keeping their expenditure in check.

Enterprise Data Analysis

I help business enterprises implement data-driven operations within their systems. Through this, I help them make sense of and derive useful, consistent and actionable insight from their data.

Data Reporting

I help business put in place structures, procedures and tools to consistently collect data, perform contextual analysis and come up with useful recommendations for informed decision making.


I enjoy automating processes, thinking both within and without the box. This way I help busineses and people cut on costs, improve efficiency, increase their output and become versatile

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